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Market Leading Heat Pumps

Madimack is the leading manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps, extending the swim time for pool owners in Melbourne from a minimum of seven months a year, all the way up to year round for the biggest units.  At Aqua Vida Pools, we recommend Madimack due to their high specifications, operating capacity and the unrivalled warranty - 25 years on heat exchanger, 10 years on the compressor and 5 years on parts for the Elite range. We are listed by Madimack as a trusted dealer and installer of Madimack heat pumps and have installed hundreds to date, meaning we know each unit inside and out. We work efficiently, completing the whole install within in one day, meaning we can keep our costs highly competitive.










Why choose a Madimack from Agua Vida Pools?

Rising energy costs and a focus on green energy is at the forefront of the minds of many Melbourne pool owners, who are opting to remove their pool solar heating in order to make space for solar panels to power their household electricity. A Madimack electric pool heater is an excellent alternative to pool solar. Madimack is committed to sustainable energy practices for a modern world and many of our customers at Agua Vida Pools are working towards future proofing their pools, by creating their own energy supply through solar panels to in turn power their Madimack heat pumps. Cost effective, a superior heating output and a greener approach to energy. We call that a win win.


We supply and install Madimack heat pumps to suit all pool sizes and swim needs across Melbourne, working with our trusted electrical partner to complete the job from start to finish. We work with customers to find the ideal space to fit the heat pump, be that at ground level or in an elevated position, ensuring we adhere to the strict safety protocols at all times.

Every Melburnian knows that sunshine isn’t a guarantee, even as we move into summer. Enquire now to arrange a no obligation quote, your first step to enjoying your pool for the whole swim season and beyond.

wall mounted mm.png
side house.png

This Madimack Elite V3 22kW was installed on the first floor of a home in Camberwell, Melbourne. The customer opted for the elevated position to maximise the space in their garden.

This Madimack Elite V3 17kW was installed in unused space at the side of a house in Elwood, to heat a smaller pool to optimum temperature for a longer swim season.

This Madimack Elite V3 32kW heat pump was installed in a carport at a home in Brighton, following strict safety and ventilation procedures. The customer wanted to make the pump as inconspicuous as possible.

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